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"I’ve been hooked since my first taste while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. It was just different from my first swallow and I was a bottled water girl as the well water where I live left a metallic taste. I was even buying it and bringing it home with me for several years. Imagine my surprise when I Googled Le Bleu and found them in Central Virginia. I love their customer service… Christine and Tom are amazing people!"
Tammy Varney
Carson, VA
"I love this water and so does my family! It tastes very noticeably better than any other bottled water I’ve tried. As to tap water, no comparison!"
K. Deiss
Mechanicsville, VA
"Drinking Le Bleu water is so refreshing, I feel energized after drinking it. I love knowing I’m feeding my body extra oxygen just from drinking pure water!"
K. Maas
Mechanicsville, VA
"We love Le Bleu. We have great home delivery service. We try to live a healthy lifestyle and with the dispenser it makes it so easy to be drinking more water that is pure and good for us. Our bodies love Le Bleu. Thanks!"
C. Lovelace
Mechanicsville, VA
"Le Bleu water has really spoiled me! I didn’t realize what the quality was of the water I was drinking until Christine educated me. I try to drink water as much as I can and when out places and I get water my husband waits for the ugly look I make when I taste the water. THERE IS NO COMPARISON TO LE BLEU WATER!"
S. Thurston
Mechanicsville, VA
"I have to tell you….I came across Le Bleu while looking for a simple way to purchase some extra water for storage for my family during a weather emergency. After talking with both the owners, I was convinced trying the service might not be such a bad idea. We had a good filter system on our fridge, and I thought that was good enough. After tasting the difference (and computing the cost of filters versus the water from Le Bleu), my family has NOT been disappointed. The dispenser keeps the water far colder than our fridge, but I absolutely love the purity. We are all loving the water, and drinking more. Our bodies have started to crave Le Bleu!"
L. Mark
Mechanicsville, VA
"Excellent delivery service. Tastes amazing. Reasonably priced."
J. Norris
Oilville, VA
"If you want delicious, pure water, no after taste, bottles that are BPA free and they don’t crush when you open them, LeBleu is your water. It is smooth and refreshing and can be delivered to your home or place of business. My husband and I are sold on this pure water. Give it a try and you will be too."
Gloria Mangum
Mechanicsville, VA
"I have loved LeBleu water for more than 15 years, since a friend said “You’ve got to try this water” and handed me my first bottle. I was hooked! Our family drinks lots of water and I use my LeBleu for drinking, making coffee and tea and even for our dogs. I don’t like spring water or other bottled waters nearly as much as LeBleu. In our blind taste tests between LeBleu and other filtered and bottled waters – it always wins. It’s the purest, cleanest, clearest tasting water I’ve ever tasted and we’re thrilled to have it available again in Richmond in the 5-gallon bottles for our water cooler."
Gloria Thomas
Chesterfield, VA
"My husband and I were at Kure Beach last week. Your water was the only water that I could drink. I did buy other brands first. Then I saw Le Bleu and that was it. I have been buying water from another company for years. Now I would like to buy your water."
"I started drinking Le Bleu bottled water and it is amazing. When I am forced to drink other bottled waters I cannot believe the difference in the pure taste of LeBleu!"
Debora Tamblin
Batavia, NY
"I drink a lot of water on a regular basis. I think it makes me feel better. Anyway, I am quite particular about the quality and taste. Actually, it is a lack of taste that I look for. Le Bleu is the finest water I have ever had the privilege to drink. I do not make this statement lightly, I have tried every different source of water that I could. And occasionally, I do like an exotic bottled or sparkling mineral water. Not only am I impressed with the quality of this water. The service is absolutely amazing! The staff at this location is very focused on making sure that you are happy. No Hard Sell, just water when you want it. We drink Le Bleu water at my workplace, and I think people drink more because it is so pure. Keep up the good work!"
J. Lowry
Richmond, VA
"I’m from the Virgin Islands and loved when Le Bleu was introduced; it was the best bottled water I ever tasted. My mother sells it in her store and could barely keep it in stock. I’m interested in becoming a distributor in the Atlanta market area."
Virgin Islands
"I am currently serving in the U.S. Navy, and I was privileged enough to taste your magnificent water."
Norfolk, Virginia
"Love this company! This water is better than any other! Friendly service and very convenient! Love love love and highly recommend!"
Kristin Davis
Mechanicsville, VA
"Water flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, reduces the chances of headaches (due to dehydration), it increases your energy level and so much more. I recommend water consumption to everyone. Le Bleu’s water makes drinking clean water easy with its 5 step purification process (significantly more than most bottled water) so it’s pure AND it tastes good. (A plus for folks who don’t like the taste of most waters) We are also a fan of the BPA free bottles! Their service is outstanding as well. We love the reminders for pick up and the great customer service. (Wow I’m beginning to sound like an infomercial: yikes!) …..Now if only they had a whole house filtration system too! The bottom line for us is this … people spend money on cable TV & fancy coffees etc… spending money on clean water in BPA free bottles is smarter. To us it’s a better return on investment, quality of life & our health!"
Dominique Frattacia
Chesterfield, VA
"If you’re a water drinker (and you should be) then investing in Le Bleu is absolutely worth it. You can really taste how pure it is. Christine and her team offer exceptional customer service too!"
Morgan Adams
Richmond, VA
"I am giving a good faith review for Le Bleu. I just signed on today and after the horrible experience I had with my previous water service, speaking to Christine was a breath of fresh air. I look forward to refreshing water a wonderful relationship with Le Bleu Central Virginia."
Joe Lee
Ashland, VA
"I have been using Le Bleu for years and wouldn’t drink anything else. I finally stay hydrated and feel the benefits with my health! It’s the best water on the planet!"
Jackie Beasley
Richmond, VA
"Le Bleu is the best water and the service from Le Bleu Central VA is great. Try it!"
Marty Rowe
Mechanicsville, VA
"Great service and incredible water. We are actually saving money also going with the big bottles. Win win win. Thanks guys for all!!! Highly recommended."
Charlie Daniel
Richmond, VA
"Delish, healthy, simple. What else do you need? Thanks!"
Eric Morehouse
Richmond, VA
"I found out that water is not just water. Christine was kind enough to teach me about what we are really drinking. I love this water! I also love that I can personalize the labels to promote my business, FABWOMEN!!! Thank you."
Shanna K
Midlothian, VA
"I always thought water was just that, water. That was before I tasted and became educated about what is done to water. I love Le Bleu and how it truly is a refreshing, pure water without metals. I have been using it in my home for about 8 months, drinking it and cooking with it, and it is fabulous. Plus, I feel better."
T. Clark
Powhatan, VA
"I didn’t think much about the water I was drinking until I met Christine Probst of Le Bleu! Wow, what an eye-opener when she tested the tap water from our house and several well-known bottled water companies. Le Bleu tastes great (think less junk makes a difference?!), but the biggest reason we decided on home delivery is for our health. It was a no-brainer way to add to another layer to what we are already doing to feel great and stay out of the doc’s office. Thank you, Christine!"
M. Foley
Richmond, VA
"Wonderful water! Spectacular customer service! THE best in RVA!"
R. Daye
Chesterfield, VA
"With the heat index hitting 104+ this weekend, it was so good to come home to cold, refreshing Le Bleu. It’s a great way to rehydrate."
Bernadine Jones
Richmond, VA
"I recently cruised around Edenton, Elizabeth City, and Currituck Sound. We purchased a case of your bottled water and I think it is the best on the market. Is there any possibility of it being marketed in the Richmond, VA area? Your drinks are also much better than the name brands. Would certainly enjoy having your products sold in our area."
M. B.
Richmond, VA
"I cannot find any other bottled water around here that even comes close to your water. They say they have the best spring water but that’s not what we want. We want Le Bleu water!"
"For my friends that are health conscious, I have an account I am working on that sells the best water in the world. If you drink bottled water and would like to have a water cooler at home, call Le Bleu Central Va. I did and this is the best and healthiest water I have ever tasted. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It will be one of the healthiest decisions you have made. No contracts and nothing to lose. Give it a try!"
G. Simons
Henrico, VA