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Le Bleu Central Virginia

Le Bleu Central Virginia is a bottled water delivery service that was born in August 2015 out of the love of Le Bleu Ultra Pure Water and a passion to educate the community about water contamination of all kinds and the harmful risks to your health. All water is NOT created equal. Le Bleu is 100% Pure Hydrogen and Oxygen with a smooth and refreshing taste that your body needs and craves. Le Bleu changes lives. Really? How?

We’re so glad you asked. It’s going to make you think…are you ready?

Have you really stopped to think about water? I mean what’s IN the water that is pouring out of your faucet? Or what it means when you buy a bottle of water and it says ‘bottled from a municipal source’ in Some City, USA? (This means tap water from another city/state.) By the way, ever wonder why water has an expiration date? Not Le Bleu! Do you really think pure water comes from a waterfall? Come on, this marketing stuff makes us laugh out loud! Any water that comes from the ground or a processing plant has got to be loaded with chemicals, metals and all sorts of contaminants.

Have you ever tried a product that changed your life? I mean really changed it? How you felt, slept, how much energy you had, or how it improved your overall health? Maybe you should give it a try, I mean really, what can it hurt? Stop by our office for a free sample and taste the difference for yourself!

I so love Le Bleu that I gave up a 20-year Senior Management career to bring it to a market where it wasn’t readily accessible. I know, crazy right? After months of research, negotiating, and number crunching, I made the leap. So, here we are in 2020 with a few years of hurdles and lessons learned behind us, and we are truly blessed by all the support, trust, and business Le Bleu has earned in our community. Matt joined me in partnership in early 2019 to head up the Operations and Logistics side of the house.

We pride ourselves on educating consumers while providing premium products and exceptional customer service. We love hearing stories of all of the ‘water snobs’ we have created (and their animals too!), so keep them coming! I anxiously await the rest of Central Virginia to fall in love, as so many already have, with pure refreshment! Taste the difference for yourself.

Have questions? Email us at

Christine & Matt


Le Bleu Corporation was formed in 1990 by Jerry W. Smith. Jerry had the foresight to realize the potential of what is today’s bottled water industry. His over forty years of experience in water treatments and a Certified Water Specialist (CWS-V certification by the National Water Quality Association) provided the background from which he would develop numerous patents and Le Bleu’s purification process.

Le Bleu bottled water delivery service has since been growing by leaps and bounds in the beverage industry, introducing a number of products to the marketplace. As the worldwide need for high-quality ultra-pure water increases, Le Bleu’s export division continues its expansion into international markets.

Helping our customers live longer, healthier lives is not just our mission, it’s our obsession.