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Our water is 100% pure hydrogen and oxygen with a smooth and refreshing taste that your body needs and craves. Taste the difference and contact us today.

Water droplets on a blue background, symbolizing the water provided by bottled water delivery company Le Bleu

Learn more about why Le Bleu is #1 in Quality and Taste.
The only provider delivering Ultra Pure Water in Central Virginia.

100% Ultra Pure Hydration
Delivered to Your Home or Office

Products from water office delivery service provider Le BleuOFFICE DELIVERYHOME DELIVERY
Closeup of notepad on table in empty conference room, symbolizing the business bottled water delivery company Le Bleu will perform for your private label

A Handheld Billboard


Learn more about how we can help you market your
business or event with our custom-designed labeling.

Vineyard with grapes, symbolizing Mighty Muscadine, a supplement bottled water delivery company Le Bleu provides

Learn more about Le Bleu's full-line of Muscadine
grape products. We ship anywhere in the USA.

100% All Natural
Muscadine Grape Products

SHOPLEARN MOREMighty muscadine supplements, a product that bottled water delivery company Le Bleu provides
Woman being doused in water, symbolizing the pure product that bottled water delivery company Le Bleu providesA shower filtration device, a product that bottled water delivery company Le Bleu provides

Learn more about the health risks of showering in Chlorinated
water. Le Bleu provides options to protect your family.

Protection from harmful Chlorine
and Metals while showering

Products from bottled water delivery company Le Bleu in an office watercooler location

Learn more about our selection of
equipment for heating and cooling
your Le Bleu water.

Water Dispensers for
every home or office


Enjoy the highest quality, ultra pure bottled water on the market today, simply Hydrogen & Oxygen. Available in 5-gallon and a variety of bottles by the case delivered directly to your home or business. Le Bleu is recommended by doctors and nutritionists worldwide for its purity and taste. Unlike the competition, Le Bleu never expires.

Le Bleu was voted the “best non-alcoholic beverage in the western hemisphere” at the international food and beverage trade show in Miami FL. Compare Le Bleu with any other bottled water and taste the difference for yourself!

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5-gallon water bottle from bottled water delivery company Le Bleu


Pure Refreshment delivered to your Home or Office

Handheld bottle of Ultra Pure Drinking Water from bottled water delivery company Le Bleu


Available in 12, 20, and 50 oz.
size bottles

Premium bottle of Ultra Pure Drinking Water by bottled water delivery company Le Bleu


Same great water in our signature spiral bottle

Bottles of water with "custom labels with your logo", showing where bottled water delivery company Le Bleu will put your label with their private label service


Your handheld billboard, custom designed


Le Bleu’s purification process enables us to produce the highest quality of bottled water on the market today, simply Hydrogen & Oxygen

We purify our water using steam distillation, going 5 steps beyond Mother Nature before the water even enters the bottle, eliminating any metals, inorganic minerals or chemicals that are found in other bottled waters.



"I am probably the pickiest person when it comes to drinking water. I've tried almost every brand there is. Luckily, I found Le Bleu. Their water is the best! Their service is on point reliable, and they are very customer friendly. Their prices are reasonable, as well."
C. Moore
Glen Allen, VA
"Our family cannot say enough about the awesomeness of Le Bleu Central Virginia! Not only is this water THE best, so is the customer service! You won’t find us going anywhere without our Le Bleu! You know when the neighborhood teenagers are coming to your house because you have the “good water”, then it must be great!"
R. Daye
N. Chesterfield, VA
"Le Bleu sets the standard for quality, customer service, and value. We made Le Bleu part of our family years ago when we decided to improve our health, and we will continue to count on it. Le Bleu water is superior in its purity and taste compared to any other product. Not only are the products amazing, but Christine and her staff are too! They are knowledgeable, efficient, prompt, reliable, generous to their customers and community, honest, trustworthy, and flexible. One can fully trust this company which blends old-fashioned work ethics with the latest research, and professionalism with personable customer service. Cheers to Le Bleu!"
K. Whitlock
Louisa, VA
"We love working with Le Bleu, especially our Virginia Rep, Christine Probst. Very responsive and easy to work with. Always right on time with our customized labeling."
Joi, Jackson Sumner & Associates
Boone, NC
"I was so flipping happy to find Le Bleu in Richmond. I came here from North Carolina and I worked for Le Bleu for several years and I LOVE this water. Christine makes it very easy for me to exchange my 5-gallon bottles! If you are looking for the best quality of water, Le Bleu Central Virginia is the place! Highly recommend! 5-Stars!"
L. Davis
Richmond, VA
"Hanover Habitat for Humanity didn't hesitate to switch to Le Bleu once we saw the difference in purity of the product. We have been using Le Bleu for almost two years and we all LOVE the water. The entire office drinks more water these days, leading to a healthier crew."
Linda, Hanover Habitat
Mechanicsville, VA
"For my friends that are health conscious, I have an account I am working on that sells the best water in the world. If you drink bottled water and would like to have a water cooler at home, call Le Bleu Central Va. I did and this is the best and healthiest water I have ever tasted. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It will be one of the healthiest decisions you have made. No contracts and nothing to lose. Give it a try!"
G. Simons
Henrico, VA